To find the legitimate substitute for the traditional insurance, and to satisfy the need of a big sector of clients who were reluctant to deal with the traditional insurance companies


  • ATICO relies on honesty and credibility in all its transactions with its clients, in order to spread the right idea about the Takaful Insurance, preserve the rights of its clients and fulfill its promises.
  • ATICO works according to the joint guarantee concept.
  • ATICO puts all its efforts to advice its clients (individuals and groups) and protect their rights using highest standards of performance.



  • To contribute to the development of the insurance market.
  • To establish alliances with other companies.
  • To secure takaful insurance & co-operation as the sole technique in compliance with co-operative insurance guidelines.
  • To create awareness about takaful among the general public in Kuwait.
  • To ensure the performance of insurance transactions in a way that guarantees an insurance surplus to be divided among participants (policy holders) as the best credibility token of takaful insurance concept.
  • To innovate new and advanced insurance policies and create a demand for them in the market.
  • To become an innovative retail insurer by selling insurance combined with other related services supported by superior customer service achieve distinction in the settlement of claims.
  • To obtain participants trust and achieve the company’s short and long term objectives.
  • To apply scientific pricing policies to insurance products so as to achieve fairness and sufficiency in order to encourage participants to apply the protective risk means.


  • Aman takaful insurance company is a customer-centric company and has taken several steps to consolidate its position. Prominent among those are:
  • Utmost commitment to provide a variety of insurance products that are not only flexible but also meet and satisfy individual and society needs.
  • Offering best services throughout the insured period.
  • Applying well done rather than well said Takaful by maintaining the co-operation of participants to compensate losses incurred by other participants.
  • Credibility and transparency in all actions and transactions to increase Takaful client base.


Aman takaful insurance company was established in 2011 as a Kuwaiti shareholding co. (closed) with the objective to provide professional insurance services befitting the developments in the Takaful insurance market and to perform all business insurance and cooperation activities in line with shariah principles, Aman takaful insurance company is equipped to provide both, qualitative and quantitative insurance products and services to meet the needs of the burgeoning islamic market.

The company is distinguished in the market by its comprehensive suite of innovative and professional insurance policies that cover the entire spectrum of insurance, viz., car, house, furniture and health for a one-time, fixed and competitive rate.

Aman takaful insurance business is running Complying with shariah compliant business and profits are distributed in accordance with pre-agreed ratios as per the takaful agreement.  Likewise surpluses or losses are collectively shared. The takaful system has a built-in mechanism to counter any over-pricing policies of the insurance companies because whatever may be the premium charged, the surplus will go back to participants in proportion to their contributions.

In Kuwait, due to the demands of an open market policy and competition, the takaful insurance sector witnessed the incorporation of numerous companies in a short period of time. Ever confident of its portfolio of products, Aman takaful believes that a competitive environment will only contribute to the interest of clients and encourage the development of advanced insurance products and services.

The company also anticipates the development of a new insurance law that will replace the current one in Kuwait. This initiative, it hopes, will help strengthen the insurance sector to further contribute to the development of the country’s economy.



Aman Takaful Insurance (ATICO) provides all types of insurance products and services, The Company applies the principles of co-operative insurance which calls for all the policyholders to share the financial implications of any harm or damage befalling any of the policyholders.

The contributions (insurance premiums) paid by the policyholders form a fund from which the Company pays all claims; and after deducting all technical (insurance) reserves, provisions and operating costs expended on insurance operations, the resultant surplus becomes due and refundable to the policyholders.

ATICO maintains two separate accounts: one for the shareholders and another for the policyholders. As well as managing and investing their own funds, the shareholders manage and invest the policyholders' funds, on their behalf, in return for a share of the ensuing investment income.

Once the policyholders' share of investment income is added to the surplus from insurance operations, the Company distributes all or part of the total amount to policyholders annually in proportion to their contributions (insurance premiums) thereby reducing the actual cost of insurance to the policyholders.

The Company has a Sharia Supervisory Board which ensures that all transactions and operations, carried out by the Company, adhere fully to Sharia provisions and principles.